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The Science behind Enzamato

Naturally occurring enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up reactions. Enzymes in products act like tiny scissors, breaking down unseen stains into pieces small enough to be removed. This quality makes enzymes especially useful for situations where it's crucial to maintain the integrity of the material while ensuring a deep clean. Here's how the process generally works:

​Targeted Action: Enzymes are highly specific in their action. Different enzymes target specific types of soil or stains. For instance, proteases break down protein-based stains like blood or eggs, amylases tackle starches and carbohydrates, and lipases work on oils and fats.

​Breaking Down Soils: Once the appropriate enzyme comes into contact with its target soil, it breaks the soil into smaller, soluble pieces. This process, known as catalysis, transforms the soil into a state that is more easily removed by water or wipe action.

​Enhanced Cleaning: As the enzymes break down the soils on a microscopic level, they make it easier for the cleaning product to lift the soils away from the surface and fabric. Instead of just washing away the surface dirt, the enzymes ensure a deeper clean by removing the microscopic particles that cling to the surface tops and fabric fibres.

​Operating in Mild Conditions: Enzymes work effectively at relatively low temperatures and at neutral pH levels, which means they can clean effectively without high heat or harsh chemical conditions that might damage delicate surfaces and fabrics.

​Non-Damaging: Because enzymes are specific in their action and work under mild conditions, they are less likely to cause damage. Traditional chemical products may damage surfaces, fibres or fade colours over time, but enzyme-based products offer a gentler alternative to preserve quality and appearance.

​Eco-Friendly: After their job is done, enzymes biodegrade. They don't leave harmful residues on surfaces, fabrics, or in the environment. Enzyme-based products make them more environmentally friendly than many harsh chemical ingredients.

​In essence, enzymes in any products are like microscopic scissors that cut up the invisible stains until they're small enough to be washed away. This makes enzymes particularly effective for areas where preserving the material while thoroughly cleaning it is often a delicate balance.

Note: The details of enzyme action, such as the specificity of enzymes like proteases, amylases, and lipases, are well-established in texts such as "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry" by Nelson and Cox.

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