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ENZAMATO’S natural products for daily living are safe and effective, and they would even merit approval from
“Mother Earth

About Enzamato

Enzamato offers high-quality, enzyme-based products from natural sources, ideal for a holistic wellness lifestyle. Committed to eco-friendliness, we focus on safe ingredients and prioritize post-consumer recyclable packaging to minimize environmental impact. Our approach blends high product efficacy with environmental care, reflecting our dedication to sustainable harmony and responsible planetary stewardship.

Explore the Collection

Discover Enzamato's curated product lines, each tailored to enhance your daily living with a sustainable touch. We aim to embody the perfect blend of quality, natural, and mindful living in our offerings.

  • The Travel Care range includes power-packed products in a 95 ml bottle for the modern traveller, suitable for journeys by water, air, or land. 

  • Pet Care collection offers gentle yet effective products specifically tailored to care for the well-being of your cherished pets.

  • Our Laundry Care line combines eco-friendly ingredients with powerful cleaning action for your laundry needs.

  • The Personal Care products are crafted from natural ingredients, ensuring a holistic approach to your self-care regimen.



Product Feature
Travel Laundry

Enzamato's Travel Laundry Liquid is perfect for those on-the-go and in need of a quick laundry solution. Our enzyme-based formula provides a deep clean that leaves your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean. Try it out today!

Maria F.

"As a dedicated advocate for health and wellness, I seek out natural, eco-friendly personal and household products. The challenge has always been finding products that not only align with my values but also deliver exceptional performance.
Whether I'm on the go or at home, these products have become my go-to solutions. When I travel, they ensure my delicates stay fresh and my business wear remains crisp between washes. At home, they effortlessly tackle greasy messes in the kitchen, banish odors from the green bin and garbage can, refresh my couches and carpets, and provide a clean scent in my car. They work wonders in households with smokers or pets and are a must-have for cottage owners.
These products are versatile, eliminating mold in the dehumidifier and deterring critters while deodorizing stuffy areas. Say goodbye to odors in wet towels, gym bags, and undergarments, all while keeping your fabrics looking brand new. Tough on grime and dirt, yet gentle on your clothes and skin, they make cleaning a breeze, giving you peace of mind about both the environment and your well-being. Love, love, love them!"

Punam J.

Fabulous product! I have been using on delicate bras and underwear. Works well, gives items a nice fragrance. It requires very little product to clean a week’s worth of cleaning. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a natural product to get their delicates items cleaned.

Ankush T.

We have used their product for Vape. We do vape sometimes but more of Hookah/ Sheesha. We use Flavors like Paan, Kiwi, Mint etc... The odour is very pungent and stays for a few days in our basement. We also burn charcoal to get it started. We were on a lookout for a product that can eradicate the odour as our kids are not big fans of it. We have tested a few products before and thought let's try this Enzamato Vape Odour too...The efficacy and the impact of this product is beyond we can describe in words. Just 3 sprays and after few minutes there was no odour at all. We double checked it. Had our kids triple check for us too. Verified the same next morning too as I could not believe that a product has the potential to do so. Out of curiosity we sprayed this product in our shoe closet to eradicate the foul odour of used shoes. This is MAGICAL. I am going to try more products in near future.
Lying in Green Field

Where Sustainability Meets Everyday Excellence

Enzamato Corporation is dedicated to enriching your daily life with products that blend sustainability with superior quality. Our collections are thoughtfully tailored to cater to various aspects of modern living.

The Travel Care range is designed for contemporary travellers, offering compact, powerful essentials in 95ml bottles, ideal for any journey by land, air, or water. For pet owners, the Pet Care collection provides gentle yet effective products using pet-friendly ingredients to ensure the well-being of your cherished companion. Laundry Care products have eco-conscious and effective cleaning solutions, perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising cleanliness. The Personal Care line is crafted from natural ingredients, promoting a holistic approach to the self-care and wellness of users and their loved ones.

Enzamato's products are a testament to our commitment to merging mindful, sustainable practices with everyday luxury and effectiveness, inviting you to be part of a conscientious yet indulgent lifestyle.

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