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Our Floor And Wall Cleaner stands out as an exceptional cleaning solution, meticulously designed with pets in mind. Its special formula ensures a non-toxic and chemical-free environment, perfect for households looking to safeguard their pets' well-being while maintaining clean living spaces. Emphasizing sustainability, this cleaner is eco-friendly and septic safe, aligning with environmentally conscious values. Its versatility shines through its ability to tackle a broad spectrum of hard surfaces, ensuring a pristine and hygienic home from floor to ceiling. Impressively, the cleaner is 3X concentrated, providing over 66 uses from a single bottle. This concentration not only signifies a commitment to reducing waste but also offers unparalleled efficiency and value, making it an essential choice for pet owners dedicated to maintaining a clean, safe, and eco-conscious home.

Floor And Wall Cleaner 1L

SKU: 2402
  • Clean hard surfaces On-The-Go (Perfect for Travelers)

    Suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including trays, seats, and tables

    Fresh Fragrance & Residue-Free

    Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

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