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Aquarium Gravel Care

Maintain Healthy Aquatic Ecosystem
Soak-N-Rinse Gravel
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable
No Phosphate, No Chlorine

Aquarium Gravel Care is designed to maintain aquariums, mainly the gravel that forms a significant part of the habitat's foundation. Here's a detailed explanation of its purpose and benefits:

1.      Preservation of Beauty and Health: This product's primary objective is to keep the aquarium looking aesthetically pleasing and to ensure the ecosystem's health.

2.      Specific Formulation: Aquarium Gravel Care is made with specific enzymes that reduce harmful wastes and thoroughly cleans the aquarium gravel.

3.      Cleanliness and Clarity: keeping the gravel clean is crucial as waste can accumulate in the substrate. A clean gravel bed is essential for clear water, as it can influence the filtration system and overall water quality.

4.      Vibrant Environment: Maintaining the gravel's cleanliness and clarity contributes to a better visual appearance and vibrant environment.

5.      Thriving Aquatic Life: The health of the fish and other aquatic creatures is directly impacted by the condition of the gravel, as it is part of their habitat. A clean gravel bed can support beneficial bacteria, which is essential for breaking down waste and maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

6.      Maintains Ecosystem: The overall maintenance of the gravel impacts the entire aquatic ecosystem's balance, affecting everything from water chemistry to the well-being of aquatic plants and animals.

Aquarium Gravel Care is a specialized product that ensures an aquarium's aesthetic appeal and biological health by focusing on the maintenance of the gravel bed, which supports a vibrant and healthy environment for the inhabitants.


  • Drain the water from the aquarium

  • Spray Aquarium Gravel Care to cover the surface

  • Let it Soak for at least 5 mins

  • Rinse it out

  • Reapply as required

Mode d'emploi:

  • Videz l'eau de l'aquarium

  • Pulvérisez Aquarium Gravel Care pour couvrir la surface

  • Laissez tremper pendant au moins 5 minutes

  • Rincez-le

  • Réappliquez si necessaire

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