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Cannabis Odour Care

Instant Action (Rapidly Neutralizes Cannabis Odour)
Long-Lasting - Provides sustained freshness and fragrance
Versatile Use: Suitable for air and surfaces
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Cannabis Odour Care is a targeted odour-eliminating product specifically designed to address the unique smell associated with cannabis. Here is how it benefits you:

  1. Discrete Solution: The product discreetly neutralizes the odour of cannabis and masks the odour of cannabis, which can be particularly useful for users who prefer privacy about their cannabis use.

  2. Advanced Odour Neutralizing Agents: The formulation includes compounds that chemically react with odour-causing molecules from cannabis smoke or residue, rendering them odourless.

  3. Swift Action: The product is designed to work quickly, which is beneficial for immediate odour removal. Cannabis Odour Care acts on contact with the odour-causing particles.

  4. Refreshing Bubble Gum Fragrance: After neutralizing the odour, it leaves behind a bubble gum scent, which is generally considered refreshing and pleasant, thus enhancing the environment.

  5. Versatility in Use: It can be used in various settings, including at home, in the car, and even when one is out and about (on-the-go). It is portable and convenient to use in different contexts.

Cannabis Odour Care is a fast-acting, discreet odour neutralizer that transforms the strong smell of cannabis into a pleasant Bubble Gum aroma, making it suitable for use in multiple environments where cannabis odour might be an issue.


  • Spray away from people towards the center of the room or onto the surface from adistance.

  • Allow to settle. No need to wipe unless sprayed on hard surfaces.

  • Enjoy a cleaner, fresher environment!

Mode d'emploi:

  • Pulvériser loin des personnes vers le centre de la pièce ou sur la surface à distance.

  • Laissez reposer. Pas besoin d'essuyer sauf pulvérisation sur des surfaces dures.

  • Profitez d’un environnement plus propre et plus frais!

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