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Pet Coat Care

Suitable for All Coat Types
Refreshing Fragrance and Quick Drying
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Pet Coat Care" is an essential grooming product for pets that focuses on coat health and maintenance. Given below are some of its benefits:

  1. Essential Pet Care Companion: The product can be a vital part of a pet owner's grooming toolkit, aimed at daily use for maintaining the pet's coat.

  2. Specially Formulated for Pets: The product's formulation is made with pets in mind. It's safe for their skin and fur, free from harsh chemicals that could cause irritation or harm.

  3. Rejuvenates Coats: The product is designed to revitalize the pet's fur, which means it restores the pet coat shine, improving texture, and enhancing the overall appearance of the coat.

  4. Leaves Coats Refreshed and Conditioned: The product not only cleans the fur but also conditions it, which can help with detangling, softening, and reducing static.

  5. Useful Even on the Busiest Days: It is quick and easy to use, which can be particularly convenient for pet owners who may not have a lot of time for extensive grooming routines.

Pet Coat Care is a convenient and necessary product for pet owners to keep their pets' coats in top condition. It is easy to use and effectiveness in conditioning and rejuvenating pet fur, provides both aesthetic and health benefits for the animal's coat.


  • Shake before use.

  • Spray light mist evenly onto your pet’s coat.

  • Brush through, no need to rinse!

Mode d'emploi:

  • Agiter avant utilisation.

  • Vaporisez une légère brume uniformément sur le pelage de votre animal.

  • Brossez, pas besoin de rincer!

"Pet Coat Care is an innovative product that detangles and grooms pet hair. Pet Coat Care is designed to meet the changing needs of pet owners like you who want to easily and effectively maintain the health and appearance of their pet's coat. Our product acts like a dry pet shampoo and is made from natural and high-quality ingredients for your peace of mind. It removes organic matter and grease from your pet's fur, making it look fluffy, beautiful, and clean. In addition to this, it removes unpleasant odours and gives your dog a pleasant fragrance. 

It is ideal for pets that are difficult to bathe. If your dog or rabbit dislikes bathing because of previous experiences or is afraid of water, you can prolong the time between two baths by using Pet Coat Care as a dry shampoo to clean your pet's fur, leaving it feeling soft and fresh.

We understand that pets are treated as family members, and any discomfort to pets causes distress to the pet's parent. We have designed Pet Coat Care as a mild and hypo-allergenic product intended to be gentle on the pet's coat. The product will surpass all expectations of the pet parent. 

Some of the key features of Pet Coat Care are that it is designed for animals like dogs, rabbits, and cats and that it is safe for pets of all ages and breeds. It cleans easily (without water), removes organic oils secreted by the pet, and keeps your pet's fur clean and healthy, ideal for home and holiday use.

Why Choose Pet Coat Care?

Revitalizing Formula: Our product is crafted with a unique blend of ingredients that clean your pet's coat and condition it deeply. 

Soft and Refreshed Coat: Whether your pet has a long, flowing mane or a short, sleek fur coat, our product works wonders, leaving it silky and smooth.

Safe and Easy to Use: We understand the importance of safety in pet products. That's why Pet Coat Care is formulated to be both safe and easy to use. Our product ensures a hassle-free grooming session that's beneficial for both you and your pet.

Pets Enjoy a Spa Day at Home: With Pet Coat Care, your pet can enjoy the luxurious feeling of being pampered without stepping paw outside. It's the perfect way to bond with your pet while caring for their grooming needs.

Affordable and Effective: Pet Coat Care is a cost-effective solution for maintaining your pet's coat. One bottle lasts a very long, as only a small quantity is required each time. 

Pet Coat Care – FLORAL is available at just C$19.99 and helps pet owners care for their pets. Order now and watch your pet's coat change as a sign of your love and care."

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