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Pet Surface Care

Safe for Pets (Non-toxic and Free From Harsh Chemicals)
Versatile - Cleans a variety of hard surfaces where pets frequent
Fresh Fragrance & Residue-Free
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Pet Surface Care is your all-in-one cleaner for pet-frequented hard surface areas. It's specifically formulated to clean and deodorize, leaving your pet's favourite spots fresh and hygienic. It is ideal to remove dirt, grime, and pet odours effectively. Here's a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

  1. All-in-One Cleaner: This product is a multipurpose cleaner, which means you can use it on various hard surfaces without needing multiple cleaning agents.

  2. Formulated explicitly for Pets: It has been specially made with pets in mind, it contains ingredients that are safe for animals and targets the kind of mess pets typically make.

  3. Cleaning and Deodorizing: The product cleans surfaces by removing dirt, grime and deodorizes by eliminating unpleasant pet smells, including urine, instead of just masking them.

  4. Freshness and Hygiene: After using this cleaner, the areas where pets like to spend their time will not just look clean; they'll also be hygienically fresh, which is important for the health of both pets and humans.

  5. Effective Against Dirt, Grime, and Odours: It can tackle tough dirt and grime that pets bring in from outside or generate in the home. It also neutralizes odours that can arise from pets, such as those from accidents, natural animal smells and urine odour.

  6. Ideal for Hard Surfaces: The cleaner is suitable for hard surfaces, including tile, hardwood floors, baseboards, and any other non-carpeted area where pets might roam.

Pet Surface Care is a versatile, safe, and effective cleaning product for pet owners looking to maintain a clean and pleasant living environment.


  • Spray directly onto the surface.

  • Wipe with a clean cloth.

  • (Repeat if necessary.

Mode d'emploi :

  • Vaporisez directement sur la surface.

  • Essuyez avec un chiffon propre.

  • Répétez si nécessaire.

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