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Travel Laundry Care

Embark on your adventures with confidence
Carry Fewer Clothes
(Cleanse On-The-Go)
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable
No Phosphate, No Chlorine

Set off on your travels with the assurance of spotlessly clean attire. Introducing Enzamato Travel Laundry Care – your definitive garment care ally, masterfully blended for on-the-move washing. Travel Laundry Care is the travel-savvy choice for adventurers who value cleanliness and comfort, no matter where the journey takes them.

  1. On-the-Go Cleansing Power: Enzamato is your portable solution to laundry challenges while travelling. Our travel-sized bottles are TSA-friendly and crafted for convenience so that you can easily carry them in your luggage. The formula works effectively in any water condition, from a mountain stream to a hotel sink, ensuring your clothes get the care they need anywhere.

  2. Specially Formulated for Travelers: Understanding the dynamic needs of the traveller, Enzamato Travel Laundry Care is concentrated and can tackle a wide range of stains and odours that can accumulate while travelling. From food spills to trail dust, our product diligently removes impurities, leaving your garments pristine.

  3. Kind to Fabrics and Skin: Our Travel Laundry Liquid is as gentle as it is potent. Designed to preserve the softness and integrity of your clothing, it works wonders on all fabric types without causing fading or stretching. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, ensuring it’s as kind to your skin as it is to your clothes.

  4. Vibrancy in Every Wash: We believe your clothes should look as lively and inviting as the places you explore. Enzamato Travel Laundry Care not only cleans but also enhances the colour and texture of your garments, ensuring that they remain as vibrant and inviting as your travel spirit.

  5. Eco-Friendly Choice: Enzamato respects the environments you explore with biodegradable ingredients and formula free from harsh chemicals. Choose a laundry liquid that aligns with the eco-conscious traveller’s ethos, contributing to preserving our beautiful planet.

Integrate Enzamato Travel Laundry Liquid into your packing list and join the ranks of savvy explorers who know the secret to fresh, clean, and bright clothes on the move. With Enzamato, you’re ready to meet every adventure with style and freshness.


  • Pour one (1) cap full (3.5 ML) for upto five (5) litres of water, soak garments for 20 minutes, and gently hand wash.

  • Rinse well (If necessary, can be dried without rinse).

  • For tougher stains, apply directly on the stain and rub gently before soaking.

Mode d'emploi:

  • Versez un (1) bouchon plein (3,5 ml) pour jusqu'à cinq (5) litres d'eau, faites tremper les vêtements pendant 20 minutes et lavez-les délicatement à la main.

  • Bien rincer (si nécessaire, peut être séché sans rinçage).

  • Pour les taches plus tenaces, appliquer directement sur la tache et frotter doucement avant de tremper.

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