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Vape Odour Care

Instant Action (Rapidly Neutralizes Vape Odour)
Long-Lasting - Provides sustained
freshness and fragrance
Versatile Use: Suitable for air and surfaces
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

Welcome to the future of freshness with Vape Odour Care, the definitive answer to managing the lingering scents of vaping with discretion and ease. Perfectly crafted for the modern vaper, our product is a testament to innovation in odour neutralization.

  1. Discreet and Effective: Vape Odour Care is your ally in maintaining a scent-free environment. Our advanced formula is engineered to identify and eliminate vape odours without leaving any trace of its application, ensuring your vaping habits remain your personal affair.

  2. Advanced Odour Neutralizing Agents: At the heart of our product lies a sophisticated blend of compounds specifically chosen for their ability to neutralize odours on a molecular level rapidly. This powerful technology works rapidly upon application, transforming the vaping atmosphere into a neutral state.

  3. Swift Action: We understand the need for immediate results, and our Vape Odour Care delivers just that. With a quick spray, the formula works on contact to dissipate unwelcome odours, making it an essential tool for the fast-paced lives of our customers.

  4. Refreshing Citrus Fragrance: Post-neutralization, our product leaves a subtle hint of citrus—a clean, zesty aroma that refreshes the space without overwhelming the senses. It's a gentle reminder of the clean environment you can enjoy with every use.

  5. Versatile Use: Whether you're at home, driving to your next destination, or travelling, Vape Odour Care is your go-to solution. Its compact design is perfect for discreet storage and use in various settings—providing a breath of fresh air wherever you are.

  6. Ideal for Any Space: Our formula is safe for use in enclosed spaces like cars, small rooms, and open areas. It's designed to complement your lifestyle perfectly, ensuring that the air around you remains pleasant and inviting.

Vape Odour Care is not just a product—it's a lifestyle choice for those who seek to blend the enjoyment of vaping with a clean, fresh environment. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about lingering smells. With Vape Odour Care, you're always a spray away from confidence and clarity.


  • Spray away from people towards the center of the room or onto the surface from a distance.

  • Allow to settle.

  • No need to wipe unless sprayed on hard surfaces.

  • Enjoy a cleaner, fresher environment!

Mode d'emploi:

  • Pulvériser loin des personnes vers le centre de la pièce ou sur la surface à distance.

  • Laissez reposer.

  • Pas besoin d'essuyer sauf pulvérisation sur des surfaces dures.

  • Profitez d’un environnement plus propre et plus frais

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