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  • What is Enzamato?
    Enzamato is a leading provider of powerful, naturally occurring enzyme-based, high-quality laundry and cleaning solutions. ​We specialize in meeting the unique laundry and cleaning needs of our customers. Our extensive range of products includes Travel Laundry Liquid, Luxury Bra Wash, Pet Care and Odour Remover.
  • How are Enzamato products different from regular laundry products?
    Enzamato products are designed for specialized laundry needs, ensuring optimum care for all clothing and fabrics. Our products contains enzymes which offer a powerful yet gentle clean.
  • Can I use Enzamato products for all my laundry needs?
    While our products are designed for specialized needs, they are safe for most fabrics. However, always check the label on your clothing and our product to ensure compatibility.
  • How can I ensure the longevity of my clothes while using Enzamato products?
    Always follow the washing instructions on both the garment and our product labels. Using our specialized products for specific fabrics or needs can also help extend the life of your items.
  • How do I contact Enzamato for further queries or feedback?
    You can reach us at, or visit our 'Contact Us' page on our website.
  • What are Emzymes?
    Naturally occurring enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up reactions, and they are particularly effective at breaking down organic stains and soils on fabrics.
  • How are Enzamato enzymes produced?
    Our enzymes are produced by microorganisms in fermentation processes by means of modern bio-technology. The fermentation process uses sugar and other agricultural products as feedstock.
  • What type of enzymes are most commonly used in detergents for removing soils and stains?
    The most commonly used enzymes in detergents for removing soils and stains are hydrolases. These enzymes are effective at breaking down protein, lipid, and polysaccharide soils.
  • what is the effectiveness of enzymes on various stains?
    Hydrolases in enzyme-based cleaning solutions are effective against a wide range of stains, including those from baby food, desserts, dressings, sauces, blood, grass, egg, and animal and vegetable fats.
  • Do Enzymes have antibacterial properties?
    Enzymes do not kill bacteria. Instead, they are designed to remove organic matter, which can help prevent the growth of gram-negative bacteria by eliminating their potential habitats.
  • What are the benefits of using enzymes in laundry products?
    Enzymes are natural catalysts that speed up reactions. They help break down tough stains and organic materials, ensuring a thorough clean while being gentle on fabrics.
  • Are Enzymes used in Enzamato products safe for the environment?
    Absolutely. The enzymes in Enzamato products are biodegradable and derived from natural sources. They break down organic materials into harmless substances that integrate seamlessly with the environment, without leaving toxic residues. This makes them a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical cleaners.
  • Are Enzamato products safe for the environment?
    Our products are made with environmentally friendly ingredients, and we package them in eco-friendly materials. We are committed to sustainability and the well-being of our planet.
  • What happens if it is accidently consumed?
    Seek medical attention; however, try to drink as much water as possible; go outside in fresh air while waiting for medical help.
  • Is the product safe for food handling, preparation area?
    Yes, the product can be safely used near food preparation, handling, cooking area; In fact any small over-spray on food is within acceptable limits.
  • Do you need gloves to use the product?
    It is always a good idea to use gloves when using any product. But it is not a requirement.
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