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Our Pet Laundry Liquid is specially formulated for pets, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning for all their washable items, from clothing and bedding to toys and accessories. With a commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, our pet laundry liquid is non-toxic and free from harsh chemicals. It is an excellent choice for pet owners who prioritize their pets' health and the planet's well-being. It boasts an eco-friendly and biodegradable composition, devoid of phosphates chlorine, and leaves no residue behind, guaranteeing a thorough clean without compromising safety. Designed for versatility, it effectively cleans a wide range of pet items, ensuring they stay fresh and hygienic. With the capacity to deliver 50-plus loads per bottle, it offers both efficiency and value, making it an indispensable addition to your pet care routine.

Pet Laundry Liquid 1L

SKU: 2401
  • Specially formulated for pets.

    (Non-toxic and Free from Harsh Chemicals)

    Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable

    No Phosphate, No Chlorine & Residue-Free

    Versatile - Cleans a variety of washable pet clothing, bedding, toys, and accessories.

    50 Plus Loads

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